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Cadette Jewelry Cadette bijoux

Jewellery is an art you can choose to wear.

Growing up, Allison was always considered to be the artsy kid in her family. She gravitated towards art classes and would draw people and characters, making this her hobby from a young age. From then on, she always had the need for a creative outlet. Even in university, no matter how technical her classes got, she would always take time to nourish her creativity. Midway through university, Allison started a fashion blog where she posted about her outfits and lifestyle. Gaining a decent following, she realized she needed to put something tangible out into the world. She wanted to use her hands, since she felt that there was something lacking in just posting photos. After searching different DIY blogs, she discovered how to make bracelets. Posting her first one on Instagram, her friends encouraged her to sell it. That's when Allison started Cadette Jewelry, a fine line of handcrafted pieces for the modern, ever-evolving woman.

Cadette Jewelry | Allison Asis Cadette Jewelry | Allison Asis

From her Toronto-based home and studio, Allison calls on highly meticulous artisanal techniques to create her timeless pieces of jewellery. She uses traditional metalsmithing techniques as well as fabrication methods and wax casting that she's learned through schooling and over time. By choosing to create her pieces by hand, Allison reduces waste and her company's carbon footprint, two factors that hurts nature and the environment. Cadette's mission is to inspire others to make informed decisions when purchasing and wearing fine jewellery.

“I’m making jewellery that I want to wear personally. I think whenever an artist is true to their own vision and just creating something that is a reflection of who they really are, people see that and want to be a part of that world.” 

Cadette Jewelry | Cadette Jewelry |

Allison is constantly inspired by art. Jean Arp, with his biomorphic sculptures and organic shapes, is one of her biggest inspirations. Her designs are heavily influenced by his work.

Fluidity and abstraction capture the essence of her pieces. Her Female Form necklace is one of the pieces Cadette is known best for. Femininity is something Allison infuses into all her designs as she becomes more comfortable with who she is as a woman. No fear, no boundaries. “Femininity is all about who you are as an original human, original woman. It's about being different and being proud of that.” 

When Allison was 18, her mother passed away from cancer. Since then, her mother's loving and entrepreneurial spirit has lingered in her work and allowed Allison to passionately live every moment with a purpose and to fulfill who she truly is, not only as an artist, but as a woman.