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Bien à vous studio Bien à vous studio

Some traditions never die.

Meet Patricia and Jeanne, founders and creators of Bien À Vous. Graduating in design and communication, they combined their talents and, in 2016, they began to create greeting cards. Their production evolved over time and today includes different stationery items, each evoking beauty and emotion in their own special way. 

Bien à vous studio Bien à vous studio

 Patricia relies on her rich experience in the marketing world, where she’s developed  strategies for companies in various fields—strategies to which she always adds her own personal touch. Jeanne comes from the Montreal music and design scene. She made her mark  in the record industry by working on and supervising the creation of visual designs, album covers, promotional photos, and music videos. The two women crossed paths when Patricia was working as a member of Coeur de Pirate's tour team. 

Patricia is a big romantic. Every time she would visit Jeanne at her home, she would bring her flowers. She was the one who had the idea to create greeting cards. Jeanne, on the other hand, is a big fan of handwritten letters and correspondence. It was a match made in heaven! With a desire to create artistic works in French, they wrote the first pages of their story together and started their own business. 

Bien à vous studio Bien à vous studio

They make all of their stationery items—cards, notebooks, and stickers—in their Montreal studio.  By using FSC certified paper, Bien À Vous ensures that its materials are being sourced from forests and supply chains that are managed responsibly. Not only is this beneficial for their business, but it's also beneficial for the environment, the economy, and society. 

 Through their original pieces, Bien À Vous tells the magnificent story of a meeting between tradition and romance.