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Beau grain: Wooden kitchen tools | Quebec Beau grain: Wooden kitchen tools | Quebec

Outdoors is more than just nature.

Meet Guillaume, the founder and designer behind Beau Grain. Creating utilitarian tools for the kitchen and home, Guillaume aspires to bring elements of nature to all his high-quality wood pieces, be it through their feel or their colours.

Originally, Guillaume worked as a tree planter. This inspired him to create his own company and to opt for wood as the key material he'd use in his future products. Wanting to create quality objects that would be timeless and durable, Guillaume started off making cutting boards and knife holders. Investing his modest resources in the company, he started to acquire the essential tools and techniques that would enable him to produce pieces of the highest of quality.

Beau grain - Guillaume Gareau Loyer Beau grain - Guillaume Gareau Loyer

Starting a company was a new journey for him, but one he was willing to put all his energy into. Teaching himself along the way, he would run into many obstacles and still manage to push through.

“I believe objects that are practical, but also beautiful, create strong connections with their owners. Cherished objects are well used, but also very well cared for. In that sense, beauty and longevity go hand in hand and it is my belief that good craftsmanship is a solution to a life filled with meaningless and disposable objects.”

Guillaume is always growing and trying to discover new ways to innovate his company. Living in a country terrain, he’s constantly inspired by nature. He makes sure to respond to what the customer needs, embarking on different creative endeavours while doing so.