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Baltic Club | Eco-friendly stationary Baltic Club | Eco-friendly stationary

Print never dies.

Brice and Mélanie always wanted to enter the world of entrepreneurship together, which is why they bought their first printer in 2014 and founded Baltic Club. By putting a spin on traditional note taking, Baltic Club creates beautiful notebooks and stationary with hand-drawn art prints. In this miraculous duo, Mélanie is the creative genius who designs the magical prints, while Brice is the magician who produces the final product. Working together, they’ve created a world that ranges from stationery to home accessories.

Baltic Club | Melanie Ouellette et Brice Salmon Baltic Club | Melanie Ouellette et Brice Salmon

Brice and Mélanie’s motivation for Baltic Club is to create artistic, high-quality stationery that's fun to use. From artichoke hearts to riders on the backs of unicorns, the prints on these notebooks are simple, timeless, and easy to identify with. “Everything we do here at Baltic Club is custom. We start from scratch each time in order to make each product unique.” When it comes to creating new motifs, inspiration can stem from anywhere.

“We look at the materials we get and ask ourselves, what can we do to make this more interesting? What colours can we use so that everything stands out?” 

Baltic Club | Card | Poster Baltic Club | Carte | Affiche

The production process comes after the design process. Since each piece is made by hand, every stitch, bend, fold and detail counts. It can take up to two months to produce a single notebook. This is why their launches are seasonal. They create styles and prints on a variety of papers which are always FSC certified. This promotes the responsible management of the world's forests in order to protect their ecosystems and to help fight against climate change. By being FSC certified, Baltic Club ensures that it is eco-friendly and produces products that respect the environment. 

Baltic Club - Notebooks - Enamel pin Baltic Club - Carnet - Epinglette

Brice and Mélanie want to reinvent traditional stationery by personalizing it with beautiful and whimsical hand-drawn art that stands out.