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Feed yourself not only with food but also with creativity.

Creating a savoury experience with every bite, the founder of Bals Provisions, Crystal Porcher, makes decadent, high-flavour jams and sauces using original family recipes. After studying fine arts in university and working for over a decade as a pastry chef and baker, Crystal wanted to pursue her own business, which is when she founded Bals Provisions. “When people have a creative drive, whatever it may be, there’s a part of them that needs to be fed creatively in order to make whatever work they’re doing feel special.”

When working in the baking industry got repetitive, Crystal needed a change. Part of her entrepreneurial journey was finding a passion that would make her happy. “I started thinking about the things I want to eat and how I could make them better.” She then learned how to can and made her very own salsa. Crystal’s mother would always make salsa, but since she lived far away, it was hard to ship it to her. So Crystal took the initiative to make her own using the best ingredients. In doing so, she was able to reduce the amount of sugar in her products, which is a difficult task since sugar acts as a preservative. In addition, sugar dilutes the real flavour. By selecting her own ingredients, she was able to enhance the natural taste of her product.

Working with small Quebec farmers is something Crystal holds near and dear to her heart. 

Not many are familiar with small-scale farms, which is something she supports wholeheartedly. Crystal also supports farms run by women and wants to stress the importance of encouraging women entrepreneurs to feel safe in their working environment. 

“I want to give people an experience. I want to emphasize how important it is to take the time to create something you love.” Preserving food has become a lost art, and by working in small batches and cooking everything herself, Crystal has dedicated time and effort towards delivering top-quality preserves. Finally, she was able to stimulate her creativity in a positive way. “I like flavours that can mix well together.”

Now that she’s launched her low-sugar jam recipes, she’s creating a range of products that includes pickled vegetables, savory sauces, and her best-selling signature sauce made with chocolate, hazelnuts, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

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*Please note that the products of this creator are only available in Canada.