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1840 Journal

Meet the artisans, discover their expertise, and share their passion.


Atelier Marie-Hélène Robillard Atelier Marie-Hélène Robillard

Porcelain is bringing back a new delicacy to the kitchen.

Marie-Hélène, founder of Atelier Marie-Hélène Robillard, handcrafts beautiful bowls made out of fine porcelain. After studying in the art of ceramics, she wanted to create her own collection of pieces with the desire to live a simple life pursuing her passion. She opened up her own studio in Terrebonne, Quebec in 2016 and has been creating since.

Atelier Marie-Helene Robillard Atelier Marie-Helene Robillard

Growing up, Marie-Hélène developed her passion by practicing ceramics day and night. While doing so, she was also working with disabled children and was able to transmit her positive energy through her designs and pieces. She was inspired by living life to the fullest and bringing joy to the children she worked with. Her outlook on life is reflected in her porcelain designs, savouring precious moments and using precious materials. 

“I wanted to create things that would reflect my passion and desire. I want a trace of my hands in all I do, which is why I emphasize the importance of handcrafting my work.” 

Atelier Marie-Hélène Robillard Atelier Marie-Hélène Robillard

Using fine porcelain inspired her to design in an organic way, mimicking the simplicity and flow of life. Soft colours also came into play, allowing her creativity to flourish even more.

It can be very tricky working with porcelain, but the beauty of its cooking process is why she chose it. It's very delicate and stands apart, just like her mission and brand.