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Meet Sébastien and Marie, the owners of Atelier Cheval de Bois. By finding ways to ethically create quality toys that nurture the imagination with sustainable materials,  Sébastien and Marie are raising the bar in their industry, one toy at a time.

Sébastien and Marie bought Atelier Cheval de Bois from Philippe Aubert in 2011. Philippe had taken over the company from his father, Jacques, who had founded it in the 1970s. Since Philippe started running Atelier Cheval de Bois in 2007, Sébastien had been working there as a cabinetmaker. One morning, Philippe wanted to stop production. Because Sébastien believed in pursuing his project and wanted to gain knowledge in the industry, he and Marie decided to purchase Atelier Cheval de Bois. 

Photo credit: Atelier Cheval de Bois

Atelier Cheval de Bois' products are eco-friendly. They do not use any toxic material in their production process, as opposed to plastic toys. For example, Sébastien and Marie use linseed oil to protect their toys instead of a toxic product, even though it takes 3 weeks for the oil to dry instead of the toxic product's 2-day drying time. Creating eco-friendly toys is their main motivation.

"We even tested our products with children. They were given toys made of wood and plastic, and of course, they gravitated towards the wooden ones first.” Sébastien and Marie attribute this to the natural appeal of wood! 

Sébastien and Marie care about the environment and are inspired by high-quality materials. Utterly fascinated by wood, Sébastien does everything by hand and refuses to buy a CNC to cut his pieces, even if it would make the process go faster. He enjoys making each piece by hand. Since their studio launched, Sébastien and Marie have developed over a dozen new products inspired by things here and there, depending on the couple's activities. Their curiousity fuels them to create. For example, a whale toy was inspired by their trip to Tadoussac.

"To see a child happy to play with one of our creations makes us so happy.”

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*Please note that the products of this creator are only available in Canada.