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1840 Journal

Meet the artisans, discover their expertise, and share their passion.


Fabrique 1840 - Atelier Bussiere Fabrique 1840 - Atelier Bussiere

Passion engraved in stone.

“We are a small business that aims to make pretty things, and our starting point is stone,” Jean-François Bussières explains. “Working with this material has its own set of challenges,” the entrepreneur says. “When it comes to working and using the material, it’s all about developing the stone for making projects, furniture, and designer objects.”

Atelier Bussiere Atelier Bussiere

This preamble invites us to discover the creations of Atelier Bussières. Located in
Lac-Mégantic in the Eastern Townships, the business is part of a long family tradition.
“In fact, I am the 4th generation of Bussières to work with stone,” Jean-François tells us. His great-grandfather settled in the region to develop a career in granite. The work he accomplished then can still be seen in the churches and schools that stand today. The business was taken over by his grandfather and his father before being bought by a competitor a few years ago. “It’s a nice family story that is still going strong,”
Jean-François says. 

Fabrique 1840 - Atelier Bussiere Fabrique 1840 - Atelier Bussiere

Self-taught, being an artisan is Jean-François' second career. “I was a manager,” he says of his former life. “I’ve always had creative ideas.” The business' last project was making counters, a niche that didn’t leave much room to develop new products because of the business' quick growth. It had about a hundred employees. “We produced lots of stone scraps. I saw all sorts of things that we could be making with those odds and ends,” he explains. “When the sale took place, it gave me the chance to launch Atelier Bussières 2.0, where it was all about objects and furniture,” Jean-François says. “I continued with new operations and new products, but with a smaller structure.”

Atelier Bussières wanted to preserve this structure by focusing on creating small series of products. “Stone in itself is a source of inspiration. When we see beautiful pieces of marble, we start imagining things that could be made from this stone,” the artisan explains. He works primarily with marble and granite. 

 "Each stone is unique. Each one has its different charateristics." For this reason, each finished product is different from the next thanks to the richness of Quebec's soil and to this tradition that's been passed on through the generations.