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1840 Journal

Meet the artisans, discover their expertise, and share their passion.


Arbol - wooden kitchen items Arbol - wooden kitchen items

The art of cooking with wood.

For 15 years, Arbol has expressed itself through woodwork. The brand mostly specializes in producing handmade kitchenware from their workshop in the
Bas-Saint-Laurent, at Rivière-Ouelle in Kamouraska.

Led by the skilled hands of cabinetmaker Stéphane Dumont, Arbol, which means “tree” in Spanish, has us approaching our plates in a new and loving way. Dumont was planning on becoming an industrial designer when his life took an unexpected turn towards the arts. At the beginning of his career, the success of his cutting boards brought him closer to another one of his passions, cuisine. “I am also a foodie. I love to cook,” he explains. The creator then began concentrating on this niche with an approach that was heavily inspired by design. “I started developing a collection of kitchen products,” he says.

Arbol - Stephane Dumont Arbol - Stephane Dumont

At the workshop, Stéphane always aims to push his creativity further through research and development. “Making a grinder is one thing, but making hundreds per year is another,” he explains. The artisan continues to innovate and integrate different techniques into his work. “We still prioritize passion at Arbol,” the designer explains.

For Dumont, his love of wood and nice things manifests itself as much through his experimentation with shapes and design as it does through his efforts to surpass himself in creating ergonomic products that are fun to use and that combine function and durability.

Arbol - wooden kitchen items Arbol - wooden kitchen items

Arbol is made up of an incredibly diverse team of six talented employees. “It’s like the UN here,” the artist jokes. His collaborators come from Irish, Swiss, and Hungarian backgrounds. “They are people who care about quality and want to make things well,” he says, praising their qualities. Besides the array of products dedicated to food, Arbol also takes on custom projects. “Our work is wide in its scope,” Stéphane tells us. “It’s important that we like what we do,” he says. “I like working in the arts. I have a lot of respect for people who create goods that have value.”

Stéphane’s passion also extends to the environment, something that he holds near and dear. “I try to do as much as I can,” he tells us. The birth of Arbol coincided with an environmental festival in Trois-Pistoles, an event that Stéphane has headed for over 12 years. “It has been a good learning experience” says Stéphane, who strongly believes in mastering things by setting about doing them. 

This is how Arbol, driven by nature and inspired by art, continues its prolific path on the road to longevity.