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Experience light as a source of inspiration.

Meet Christian and David, the founders and creators of ANONY, a lighting and design studio focused on preservation and minimalism. Working together before creating the company, they would always dream of designing lighting that would be more sustainable, modular and user-friendly. Continuously brainstorming ideas together, they started coming up with designs after work, on the weekends and during their free time, and in 2015 they decided to launch ANONY. 

ANONY | Christian Lo and David Ryan ANONY | Christian Lo and David Ryan

Along with sustainability, one of their missions is to emphasize the importance of usability. “Even if I'm thinking of designing a product for our needs, I like to keep the client in mind and think of what they want, too.” Christian's goal is to make the purchase, installation, and experience feel intuitive for the customer, so they won't need a manual. The longevity of their designs is also important.

“Our pieces are minimal, but we want them to be relevant in 10 years and to be able to fit in any space. Traditional or modern, our goal is to have them be more flexible with the way they look.”

Timelessness is therefore an important part of their process when thinking of the environment and technology. They've also introduced LED technology in their lighting fixtures. LED lights are more efficient and give off just as much light as incandescent lighting does while running much cooler. They can also produce different lighting moods and colours, and the technology betters your health in the long run. “We believe this will be the next step in lighting, almost like smart lightingtaking it to another level to benefit your health.”

ANONY - Ohm - Globe - Hanging lamp ANONY - Ohm - Globe - Hanging lamp

With their extensive research, they've built a product that, even if one thing goes wrong, one piece can be fixed rather than having to buy a completely new fixture. Being environmentally friendly is always part of their design process, as they recycle and reuse material.

Presenting their ideal designs together, Christian and David continue to elevate the lighting industry one innovation at a time. Adaptability and simplicity is what ANONY brings to any home and any space, allowing the customer to experience their creations as not only a source of light, but also a source of inspiration.