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Annoukis Annoukis

Finding a cohesive language doesn’t have to be through talking.

Meet Lexane Rousseau, the founder and designer of Annoukis. Handcrafted in her workshop in Montreal, each handbag is made to order using the finest of materials and vegetable-tanned leather, all sourced from distinguished tanneries in the US and Italy. All of her products are crafted using high-quality materials and traditional handcrafting methods.

Annoukis-Lexane-Rousseau Annoukis-Lexane-Rousseau

It didn't all start with fashion. Lexane studied in graphic design, which enabled her to explore different artistic directions. Due to the minimalistic creative approach she developed during her studies in school, she began to admire the art of fashion and accessories. She learned leather tanning and began to create pieces for herself. After slowly becoming recognized, she was given opportunities to travel and display her work a different trade shows and events, which eventually led her to create Annoukis.

Lexane takes pride in her production process when it comes to her choice in materials. Different vegetable-tanned leathers have different characteristics and qualities.

She uses nothing but environmentally responsible materials and vegetable-tanned leathers. Her pieces are of high quality and are very durable. This allows her handbags to suit any outfit and lifestyle.

Annoukis-Bags Annoukis-Bags

She reworks traditional leather handbags by finding a way for the function and the aesthetic to work together. There is nothing extra added to a bag. The piece itself makes the bag unique. “I like the feeling of abundance and femininity. It’s hard to put into words. My goal is to find a cohesive language within my work. I want the bag to feel like it can come from any era.”

Lexane paints a picture of timelessness and quality when describing Annoukis, embracing her art wholeheartedly.