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Anne-Marie Chagnon, a jewelry company Anne-Marie Chagnon, a jewelry company

An object can emit just as much emotion as a person can.

Meet Anne-Marie, the founder and creator of Anne-Marie Chagnon, a jewellery company that focuses on communicating emotion through art and design. Founded over 20 years ago, Anne-Marie continues to approach her jewellery with spontaneity and beauty, the same mindset she had when she began. 

Anne-Marie Chagnon Anne-Marie Chagnon

Working with her hands from a very early age, Anne-Marie knew she would eventually get into the art industry through some sort of craftsmanship direction. Her parents were both entrepreneurs, which inspired her to study visual arts and work on her own. She had a desire to work independently to make objects. Anne-Marie was drawn to jewellery as her creative outlet, simply because it was a unique way to make art wearable. Also having experience with sculpting, she’s been able to use all her expertise in her collections to make them stand out.

Anne-Marie Chagnon Anne-Marie Chagnon

Using a variety of materials, her unique pieces are able to stand out from the basic jewellery you see daily.

Anne-Marie is heavily involved in every aspect of her production process, from the design, to the creation, to the marketing and shipping. With everything being handcrafted with love and care in her Montreal studio, the quality is never compromised. Her designs are inspired by abstract fluidity and free forms.

“When you like something, it’s always easy to do.” Jewellery making became Anne-Marie’s passion and then turned into her career. Today, she's one of the most successful designers and makers in her industry,. “There’s something about jewellery that’s different from other things. Jewellery builds confidence. It’s wearable art.” For her, it evokes emotion and strength as much as a sculpture does. It’s an extension of an object transformed into a necklace or even earrings. “Beauty is within everyone. We wear jewellery for ourselves, not for others.” Anne-Marie emphasizes that jewellery is for everyone.

With so many unfortunate restrictions on clothing and self-expression nowadays, jewellery can be the one thing that reassures and brings comfort to people.