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Allstudio | Design agency Allstudio | Design agency

The perfect balance between traditional and digital.

Allstudio is a design agency based in Montreal. It was founded in 2016 by two entrepreneurs, Marie-Pier and Maxime, who both studied industrial design. Their biggest motivation for starting the project was to reflect on the usability of a product within the constraints of an object. As a design agency, Allstudio is primarily defined by the direct and privileged relationship with its customers. They make it a point of honor to provide them with a service that corresponds to their request in a spirit of collaboration. Recently, they decided to add a line of products which follow their brand values and vision.

Allstudio Allstudio

They use a digital and traditional manufacturing process, which allows the team to play with texture and material. In fact, their entire process is characterized by the involvement of materials from the first steps of a project. They are known to work with wood, steel, acrylic, concrete, acrylic and textile.

“This multidisciplinary approach allows us to meet the needs of our clients throughout their projects.”

Allstudio Allstudio

For their new collection they, used steel for its physical, aesthetic properties. Their collection is a series of home storage, coffee tables and mirrors. All the objects are made by one material, steel. Steel is explored through thin sheets and metal grids which together, offer a rhythmic composition from lines and round shapes. The aerial effect created by the curved grid columns gives the table and shelf pure geometric proportions. “It is also a durable material that resists everyday use”. It is all manufactured in Quebec, which allows them to highlight specific know-hows that transpire through a finished product. Also, manufacturing locally minimizes impacts on the environment. 

Allstudio favors the clarity of the message that their products send back, indeed, affordance is one of the main values of their creations.