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Alexandre Bergeron handmade jewelry Alexandre Bergeron handmade jewelry

A Tale of Two Trades 

 A thespian by trade, Alexandre Bergeron has always loved jewellery. After learning the basic technics of jewellery making, he started pursuing this passion and honed his craft by producing pieces. Now, he devotes himself to two vocations, the stage and jewellery making. He loves the introspective work he does in his studio, which is the perfect complement to his life as an actor, where he is constantly surrounded by people.

Alexandre Bergeron Alexandre Bergeron

Lucky Charms

What does wearing jewellery mean to Alexandre Bergeron? Even though he likes pretty pieces for their look, the act is more emotional than decorative for him. “When I was little, I was struck by the fact that my mother always wore the same piece of jewellery,” he says. Deciding to wear an item day after day gives it a symbolic meaning and results in it becoming an integral part of our identity. He considers it a privilege to make objects that become imbued with history, such as wedding rings that people will keep potentially their whole lives.

For All Genderkind

Alexandre's creations are not designed to be either masculine or feminine. Rather, they reflect a fluidity of genders and styles instead of adhering to old binaries of frilly femininity on one hand and monotone masculinity on the other. In fact, this jeweller hopes that men will continue to wear more and more accessories. He'd love to bring back practices of the past when gents used to dress up with rings, cufflinks, and pocket watches complete with chains.

Alexandre Bergeron handmade jewelry Alexandre Bergeron handmade jewelry

Playful Characters

Some of the designer's pieces show representations of characters such as Pierrot la lune and animals such as dogs, cats, and rabbits. Alexandre says he was always captivated by the idea of Pierrot as a sensitive soul who puts on makeups and transforms, which is somewhat reminiscent of the theatre. As for his other pieces, the ones featuring whimsical animal imagery—they're accessories wearers grow very attached to since they “adopt” them in a way.

Make Your Mark

The designer also offers a customizable piece of jewellery. It's a signet ring, a type of ring with a wide and flat bezel that is usually inscribed with initials or other symbols. Alexandre Bergeron's signet ring, round in shape and baroque in style, is like an open book waiting for the wearer to inscribe his or her story: everyone is free to engrave it guided by their own imagination.

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