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A + J Métissage A + J Métissage

When buying your own glassware isn’t enough, you go out and make it yourself.

Julien is a glass artist from Montreal that lives off the thrill of creating his art through glass blowing. He works hand in hand with his partner, Amélie, who creates ceramic pieces in their home studio. Both their fields complement each other which makes their pieces desirable and unique to preserve their exclusivity. It’s a meticulous wonderland of precision, attention to detail and painstaking patience, that brought A + J Métissage to life.

A + J Métissage A + J Métissage

Glass blowing is a world of its own. From the colours to shapes, each piece is handcrafted with incredible thought and care before being executed into real life. Julien’s practice isn’t an overnight success. It took years of trying before turning his passion into a career, and 11 years later, he’s creating beautiful pieces fit for anyone, anywhere.

Amélie began studying in industrial design and always liked to work with her hands. She started to learn both ceramic and glass blowing at the same time, though her passion for ceramics took over. She then met Julien and had the best of both worlds as he was glass blowing and she could learn from him.

11 year later, their goal is to make pieces that are minimal, industrial and modern while still keeping a traditional touch. Subtleness is also key while designing each piece.

A + J Métissage A + J Métissage

From kitchen accessories to simple decorative pieces for the home, They aim to stay timeless with what he does. Cohesiveness is super important when making art, along with consistency in each of his pieces. Why purchase local made pieces instead of commercialized ones? There’s an art to fine craftsmanship, and they believe in the personal touch in all he creates. “There seems to be a lack of personalization in the world of home and kitchen accessories, and I want to create art that’ll leave a statement to not only the people who purchase it, but for the people that’ll admire it, too.”

A + J Métissage A + J Métissage

With all this admiration comes a lot of hard work behind it. Safety hazards to risks of having to restart each piece over and over again, patience is a virtue in this field. Glass blowing requires someone with an abundance of experience, patience, passion and dedication to creating a beautiful piece of art, and Julien does just that. Seeing him in his element at his studio, you can tell he’s had years of experience just by his attitude in the moment.

Working as a team, Julien and Amélie feels inspired to pursue their passion together. You can tell their devotion to craft stems from the love of making anything feel like home.