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Why Gift Canadian Design?

11 Dec 2018

By Jeamie Mercier-Marcotte, APDIQ interior designer and director of Norsud Design Studio

The holidays are a time to reflect on the year that’s coming to a close. It’s a time when we think about what’s next and enjoy treating ourselves. For these reasons, I’d like to invite you to take some time to reflect on your consumption habits, because you have a remarkable tool for making a difference: how you choose to spend your money.

One avenue that you might not have considered is investing in Canadian design. This way, you’re encouraging local artisans and creators in addition to discovering unique products and inspiring careers. Choosing quality items and thereby prolonging the life of your purchases is also a way to do your part in order to respect the environment and contribute to sustainable development.

Today, I’m presenting you with three good reasons to buy Canadian design.   


The space in which we live has a huge influence on our mood. In her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, which has sold millions of copies around the world, author Marie Kondo recommends that we get rid of all the material objects that do not bring us any joy. This philosophy, called the KonMari method, invites us to get back to basics and declutter our home in order to simplify our life.

The concept is simple: buy less, but buy better. Surround yourself only with material objects whose stories speak to you. Choose products made of safe and natural materials that make you feel good and proud.

Successful design creates a real sense of belonging and pride towards an object, not only for the designer who designs it, but also for the artisan who makes it and the consumer who buys it. 


The items we buy are much more than the sum of their form and function. The artisans and creators, without whom the product wouldn’t exist, often remain in the shadows. By being interested in local design, we create close ties with creators and help form a mutually beneficial dynamic. These people help energize their municipalities, regions, provinces, and country. By diving into the heart of their creative world, we learn more about their inspirations, their approach, their constraints, and their aspirations. Being interested in a creator’s unique approach and understanding what distinguishes them from others brings added value to a created object. These types of exchanges can prove beneficial for cultural diversity, the skill of artisans, and the preservation of heritage. 

Behind these handmade wooden objects by Emma Senft is a passionate Montreal artist and designer. 

Creativity is a way of expressing the personality of our people. Local companies are an integral part of the community and help to forge the unique character of our beautiful country. Encouraging Canadian design stimulates the local economy and drives creative, innovative, and avant-garde small businesses that project a positive image of Canada on an international level. 

Catherine Lavoie at work. “People want to see the artist’s touch and feel the authenticity of the piece.”


Canadian designers are concerned with details. They pay particular attention to the manufacturing process and create quality products. When the product’s components and manufacturing methods are transparent and accessible to consumers, it makes it easier to make informed purchases. 

Coolican & Company“Lovingly craft each piece to produce something of quality rather than quantity.”

It is so much more enriching to invest in a product once you know the maker and, better still, when you believe in them and admire their technical skill. This is where your values and those of top international manufacturers can differ. By buying Canadian design, it’s easier to learn about the ins and outs of the creation of a product. This way, you’re certain to guarantee fair working conditions.

It’s also important not to overlook where an item is made. An object that’s made close by means less transport management, less fuel consumption, and less risk of loss.


The designers at Lambert & Fils create light fixtures inspired by architecture and moments in history. They have a poetic approach to design. All their light fixtures are designed, made, and assembled in their Montreal studio.

It won’t change the world… (except that it will!)

There are numerous reasons to invest in Canadian design. With the holidays approaching, if you opt for physical gifts, don’t forget that each present comes with its own story, intellectual property, creator, artisan, and delivery person… So, in the end, what you’re giving isn’t just an object, but also the result of a process that you are encouraging.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the local creators and salute their skill that contributes to the vitality and advancement of our creativity on a local and international scale.

Together, we can really advance Canadian design! 

Happy Holidays! 

Author's Bio

Interior designer and director of NORSUD Design Studio Jeamie Mercier-Marcotte is passionate about authentic design, but particularly about the people that are behind these creations. The mission of her young company is to offer a healthy lifestyle to each client with the help of a personal, practical, and bespoke design.

“I like interacting with people. I know that an inclusive partnership is the key ingredient for a successful project. I love collaborating with other creators in the industry, artisans, suppliers, and entrepreneurs in order to bring unparalleled originality to the interiors I work on.”

Do her values speak to you? Follow her on Instagram!