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Tipping Our Hats to Camille Côté x Catherine Pogonat

21 Nov 2018

Camille Côté and Catherine Pogonat are making hats for strong-willed women in their collaboration that's turning heads. Fabrique 1840 invites you to have a sneak peek behind the scenes of modern hat-making. A limited edition of Le Pogonat hat will be available as of March 8, marking International Women's Day. All profits will go towards Le Chaînon, a nonprofit organization that helps women in need.

Camille Côté's innovative creations reflect those who wear them. “In fact, my only source of inspiration is people,” affirms the designer who designs with the goal of being inclusive. For the collaboration, she's working in tandem with Catherine Pogonat, who is taking charge of the artistic direction in creating an exclusive hat style.

The radio host isn't new to collaborating with fashion designers, especially when it comes to creating gala outfits in which she lets her creativity loose. However, she defines her own style as minimalist. “In the everyday, I’m very T-shirt and jeans, almost boyish. I love refined, pared down hats like those made by Camille. Hats worn by British royalty aren’t really my thing!” 

Although both have a thing for simplicity, there’s no doubt that Catherine and Camille have something exciting in store for us, promising a hat that's bold and colourful. “When I wear a hat, it accents my whole outfit,” says the radio host, who personally enjoys baseball caps and fedoras. “I didn’t wear hats often in my early twenties, until I realized how it transforms you while still showing who you are. You can upgrade an outfit with a super simple hat.” Camille echoes this stylistic vision. “I also enjoy wearing something really basic, with a hat being the focal point,” she tells us. “It really creates an interesting look.”

One thing is for sure—we can’t wait to see what’s next. Follow the duo throughout their creative process until they reveal of the result of their collaboration on March 8. Don’t miss a thing by visiting Fabrique 1840’s Facebook and Instagram pages!