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The Geometry of Colour

15 Jul 2019

Series: Design in Moving Season

Moving season is here and we took this opportunity to ask Anthony and Valérie from Atelier Filz to look into Fabrique 1840’s designer community. The result? Four thematic articles analyzing their products by relating them to global ethical and aesthetic trends.

This article is the third in the series.

A designer’s work requires rigour and precision. That’s why we take our enjoyment—and the enjoyment of our customers—very seriously! We have a need for beauty and colour. In fact, we’re willing to say that everyone has this need. So, when you’re thinking about your new kitchen or the empty wall in your living room, think about yourself and who you are. After some reflection, you may find that a bit of geometry and colour will do you a lot of good on a daily basis!

As the years have gone by, we’ve realized that everyone (in their own way) becomes a collector and keeper of objects, almost like being the curator of a museum. So, you might as well take the opportunity to incorporate decorative and functional objects into your space that are made by artisans who care about your well-being. Because nothing stops us from combining functionality with fun! 

Rox Textile Art: Eye Candy

When unusual patterns, colours, and shapes meet technique and utility, a sense of wonder is never far behind! We were wide-eyed when we discovered the whimsical work of Naila Janzen and her company, Rox Textile Art, based in Winnipeg. The bright colours and geometric patterns found in her quilts led us to see them not only as works of art, but also as everyday objects that bring joy. What a beautiful way to preserve a skill passed down from our grandmothers! 

Catherine Lavoie: Balance and Transparency

Over the course of our lives, we’ll own lots of objects of all different sorts, some out of necessity and some that are just for fun. Choosing the right ones can be difficult. We believe that self-awareness results in well-being, two ingredients that help us to correctly choose the objects that become a part of our lives. Among these items, you’ll find the artwork of Catherine Lavoie. This artist and illustrator from Quebec awakens our essential need for beauty in our (sometimes dull) everyday lives. We especially appreciate the feeling of ease that results from her search for a balance between transparency, colour, and geometry. Her graphic art is a reminder that creativity and mastery go hand in hand when it comes time to breath life into our living spaces.  

YYY: Smiles on the Daily

The same genuine creativity that eminates from Catherine Lavoie’s artwork is also found in the pieces by multidisciplinary artist Mérida Anderson of the brand YYY. The royal blue stoneware vase or the flecked stoneware jug adds a smile to our daily activities when kept in plain sight on an open piece of furniture or a shelf. They will be even more visible in a dark, or monochrome space. Mérida’s work effortlessly reminds us to simply listen to ourselves: Being captivated by original items allows you to pick up everyday objects that truely reflect who you are. 

mpgmb: Colour Narrative

This feminine duo from Montreal navigates in a distinct and colourful narrative universe. It allows them to play around on multiple levels and with a wide spectrum of materials and textures. We find a joy in their Artefact collection, which works well as a wall decoration. It’s a great way to add colour to your decor without getting out paint cans, rollers, and paint brushes! 

hollis+morris: Purity and Personality

Clean, geometric lines are also used by hollis+morris in making their furniture. Whether you come across their Bolt lamp or Corktown stool, these distinctive items have a strong personality with no equal on the market. They can easily become the centerpieces of a kitchen or a living room.

The clean, whimsical lines of geometric shapes paired with stimulating colour combinations are an effective and creative way to give your space personality. So, if your home needs a boost and your heart tells you to, trust your intuition and add happy hues to your everyday! You can rely on the work of passionate creators who only want one thing: to share their vision with you.

While it's sometimes abstract, our new digital age offers us the incredible chance to see and interact with different craftspeople via social networks. For example, Fabrique 1840 regularly shares the daily explorations of the craftspeople who are members of their community. This way, we're able to better understand what drives them, which allow us to further connect with these pieces and the designers behind them.

Written by Atelier Filz


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Atelier Filz
Combining interior design with object design, this young company from Quebec City loves working with local craftspeople. For their team, the work of our creators is imbued with meaning and human depth, which elevates our homes' decor.