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The Art of Revisiting Traditional Trades

17 June 2019

Series: Design in Moving Season  

Moving season is here and we took this opportunity to ask Anthony and Valérie from Atelier Filz to look into Fabrique 1840’s designer community. The result? Four thematic articles analyzing their products by relating them to global ethical and aesthetic trends.

This article is the first in the series.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen an incredible boom in crafts of all kinds around the world. Witnessing these people who have decided to use their hands as tools on a daily basis is always fascinating. Amongst all the newest forms of craftsmanship, from 3D printing to digital machining for example, some designers have decided to learn traditional, even ancient, techniques and approaches, while infusing their craft with their own original vision. To be honest, these craftspeople greatly inspire the work of our team! Is it a touch of nostalgia that moves us, or the tremendous courage of these people who are working to preserve traditional trades? Whatever the reason, their work is remarkable and our curiosity is piqued by their boldness and special expertise.

Haut Beau: Weaving Rugs with Character

Falling under functional art, the effortlessness and skill behind Haut Beau’s brilliant work reminds us that a simple rug may prove to be a unique accent piece with a strong character. Alec Sutherland has a true talent for weaving and offers a series of unique rugs that can not only complement a living room or bedroom set, but also brighten up any empty walls at home for your viewing pleasure. His exceptional products are a tribute to the long hours he spends behind the loom. They remind us why the art of weaving must be kept alive.

Foutu Tissu: Retro Textiles with Vintage Vibes

Emmanuelle Dion and her team bring us back to the past in order to brighten up our everyday. With her business Foutu Tissu, she focuses her creative efforts on a series of vintage-style decor items that are perfect for every room and that demonstrate her skill in upholstering and textile printing. In fact, the combination of these two techniques, as well as her exploration of trimmings, makes her vintage cushions distinctive elements that can decorate the divan in your living room or be displayed at the head of your bed. These kinds of distinctive products are exactly what helps us grasp the added value local designers bring to our decor.

Coolican & Company: Texture, Minimalism, and Tradition for Today

The design of a unique product is often tied to a specific story. Great or small, these stories form a connection with the item that’s created. The collaboration of Coolican & Company with designer Calla Haynes is a testimony to the creativity and richness brought by these stories. Mixing traditional braiding of recycled textiles with woodworking, the Marrakech stool can be effortlessly added wherever you feel it’s needed while bringing texture and beauty to your environment.

Coop Établi & La Fabrique Déco: Sleek Lines and Scandinavian Design for All Decor

Woodworking and all related professions remain more relevant than ever due to thousands of years of evolution and transformation. As designers, we work with woodworkers on a regular basis. We are fascinated by the techniques and methods used while working with wood and are always astounded by the work of craftspeople, as if transforming a piece of wood into a simple, beautiful, and functional object was an act of magic! However, we know very well that practice, mastery, and passion are what are really responsible for these designs that delight our eyes. It is this same sense of wonder that we feel when we see the Scandinavian-inspired wooden candlesticks from La Fabrique Déco or products from Coop Établi. We’re wowed by the Miscellaneous By Length bench for the entryway created by Studio SSSVLL.

This contact with tradition allows us to reconnect with our human essence and reminds us our long common history. As our life becomes digital and abstract, our team believes that the creations of local craftspeople help us in our quest for balance and our need for a better life.

Written by Atelier Filz


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