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Spring Style: Denis Gagnon's Favourite Things

8 Apr 2019

Known as one of the most influential Canadian designers of his generation, Montrealer Denis Gagnon blurs the line between fashion and art. As he’s a person who is passionate about design, regardless of whether it’s for clothing, theatre, objects, or accessories, it was only natural for us to ask him what his favourite things were from the different collections of Fabrique 1840’s designers for Spring/Summer 2019!  

For the new season, Denis selected three pieces that would work wonderfully with his own collection. Today’s top trend, according to Gagnon? “My guideline is the sports-chic look; it’s totally modern. I wanted to play with textures and transparency in order to give my pieces an on-point look.” 

Denis’ favourite things at Fabrique 1840 all have one thing in common; they are all very colourful. This means they contrast perfectly with his monochrome collection. “I chose items that will add some punch to a look. I admire people who wear black and add a tiny touch of colour. It’s really cool!” 

Here are three accessories that won over the designer and that can, in turn, add wow-factor to your spring ensembles: 

Taco belt bag, by Hotelmotel, in green or burgundy

Thanks to its elegant take on sporty style, this bag made of Taurillion leather will work with any athletic-inspired outfit. Versatile and well designed, it can be worn around the waist (as a belt bag!) or carried on the shoulder (for a more classic look).  

Pons cap, by Heirloom, in blue

“The bold colour of this cap is superb!” exclaims Denis Gagnon. “I've always loved caps because they are timeless. Even older people can wear them. You just have to own it. It will always make you look good.” 

Présent Fluide necklace, by Louve, in red

Once again, it's vibrant colour that wows our designer. With its modern, elegant, and simple look, it's a piece that's easy to pair. “I like the mix of materials, the fact that there's no metal,” explains Denis about this unique piece of jewellery.

“If I had to start my career over again,” confesses Gagnon, “I’d choose to make bags. A bag is universal. There’s no season or sizing. When you successfully create a unique and original style, it becomes timeless.”

That’s why, in addition to his three favourite accessories, Denis added these three bags that caught his eye:

Vive saddle bag, by Updoo, in green

“A classic. This bag goes with anything, even though it comes in a deep and vibrant colour. That's what make it interesting and different!”

Quarter Yuliana faux-horn bag, by Sonya Lee, in brown

An utterly modern bag! “Its acrylic handle (much better quality than plastic) makes it stand out.” This is a bag that won't go unnoticed on your arm! 

Leather and wood mini bag, by Louve, in black

Delighted by the mix of wood and fabric, Denis loved this accessory's out-of-the-ordinary design. The bag skillfully combines uniqueness and originality, qualities our designer holds dear!