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The Pogonat: The Big Reveal!

8 Mar 2019

Designer Camille Côté and host Catherine Pogonat present the fruit of their collaborative efforts and reveal The Pogonat, an exclusive hat created especially for women. All profits will be given to Chaînon, a non-profit organization that helps women in need.

What started as an idea materialized into a headdress that is as modern as it is becoming. Camille and Catherine joined forces, inspired by their love of hats and of those who wear them. They've come up with a special design that Fabrique 1840 is proud to launch this International Women's Day.

“It’s crazy to see what it adds to someone’s face. It really highlights certain features,” says Catherine, who loves this key accessory.

However, The Pogonat does much more than that. Not only is it an exclusive model, offered as a limited edition and created especially for this occasion, but it also helps women, since its profits will be given to Chaînon. “This means a lot to me,” Camille says. “It’s a beautiful finale.”

There's strength in unity, and after collaborating and creating for many weeks, the hat is finally ready to be revealed in all of its glory. “What's really fun is that it's truly a mix of our two worlds—the inspiration that I had as well as Camille's ideas,” Catherine explains.

After being approved, it is clear that the final result reflects both creators and their avant-garde styles. One notices Camille's signature touch in the hat's shape and elastic band, making it an accessory that every woman can wear with style, comfort, and ease.

The contrasting colour palette is an important detail of The Pogonat. “I had the idea for a pretty minimalistic hat, in line with my style, but with a punch: fluorescent yellow,” the budding artistic director explains. 

Camille was also excited about the neon touch. “I didn’t have any in my collections, so it helped make the hat special and unique,” the designer points out. The yellow colour of the elastic band stands out from the rich prune tone of the rest of the hat, making it a versatile and eye-catching accessory.

The hat is made of soft felt, and we bet that The Pogonat will be trendy for seasons to come. “In previous years, there have been lots of stiff-brimmed hats, and now soft brims are making a comeback,” the pair explain.

The creative duo has but one message to the women who’ll wear The Pogonat: “Be seen!” This promises to be easy thanks to their masterpiece. Hats off to Camille Côté and Catherine Pogonat!