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Complete Contrasts: Anne-Marie Chagnon's Pick of Favorite Pieces

29 Oct 2019

This Montreal jeweller loves contrasts and bold creations that blur the line between jewellery and art. For her new collection, Anne-Marie Chagnon introduces us to four of her featured pieces that perfectly capture her unique way of playing with materials, techniques, and shapes. 

The Valentine necklace

Statement-making while still remaining delicate, the Valentine necklace is an exceptional piece that's perfect for women who aren't afraid to be bold and assert themselves. “It features something I really love—weaving. In this case, I mixed many manufacturing techniques from different eras, like interlacing and weaving, techniques that aren't traditionally a part of jewellery making.”

The Swan ring

The simplicity of this ring, with its straight-lined grid at the centre that's almost mathematical, in contrast with its round shape, illustrates the fine work with material that Anne-Marie puts into each of her pieces. “It's the first time that I've incorporated a straight line in my jewellery, which is usually much more organic. The grid appears when it's under the light and seen from certain angles, like a well-kept secret.”

Mureli earrings

Made of two vertical tin bars, the Mureli earrings have a front-back design. When the bar in the front is fixed, the one in the back is mobile, which creates interesting movement. “These earrings are really simple, but at the same time, the presence of the bar behind the lobe creates an architectural look that I really like.”

The Hemi necklace

In contrast to the Valentine necklace, the Hemi necklace is more subtle and classic, featuring freshwater pearls interspersed with pieces of tin. “At the same time, the fact that these two necklaces are on my list reveals my passion for contrasts! I love the classic feel of the pearls that I’ve broken up by incorporating stones. I also really love the combination of the three colors.”

Extremely interested in the work of other artisans who aren’t necessarily jewellers, Anne-Marie Chagnon also chose to highlight three creators from Fabrique 1840 whose work has really impressed her: 


Anne-Marie was captivated by Anony’s skill working with metal and light, as well as by the simplicity of the light fixtures designed by this Toronto studio. “A piece like the OHM 01 hanging lamp, with its golden orb shade is simultaneously very straight and organic. It’s almost flower-like.”

M Forioso

Our featured jeweller recognizes a certain similarity of thought in the decorative works of Maria Angela Forioso. “I find it interesting that she adds leather and rope to macramé. Similar to my Valentine necklace, she uses a traditional weaving technique and incorporates something more contemporary.”

Gabrielle Desmarais

Anne-Marie has fallen in love with the designs of fellow Montreal jeweller, Gabrielle Demarais, whose pieces she describes as “out of the ordinary.” “I was struck by their originality, their simplicity, and their architectural form.”

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