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Better and More Eco-Friendly Snacks

17 Sep 2019

Do you often get a craving for an energy bar in the mid-morning or afternoon? A great snack is the solution. And it’s even better when it comes in a pretty reusable bag, like the ones by Hubert Cormier! This snacking pro gives us his tips for having lots of energy all day long. 


Snack Better, Work Better

“When you have a drop in motivation or productivity, it’s partly due to a lack of carbohydrates,” explains Hubert Cormier, a nutritionist and entrepreneur from Quebec City. He recommends having simple sugars that help to gently raise your blood sugar: fruits like apple slices or wild berries that contain fibre and vitamins. And when he says “sugar,” he doesn’t mean candy! Homemade oat bran muffins are much more practical and healthier than a sugary bar from the store.

Athletes will want to eat more protein and carbohydrate-rich snacks, whether it’s before, during, or after training. Nuts are a great choice, but Hubert admits he prefers roasted legumes. “Lentils or chickpeas that you can sprinkle with a little bit of cinnamon and sugar or spices are really delicious!” 


Bye Bye, Ziploc!

To carry your snacks around, there’s nothing better than a reusable bag. The contents will be good for your body, while the container will do good for the environment. We’re in luck, because Hubert has designed bags with precise portion sizes. “The small bag has a 250 ml capacity, that’s exactly 2 portions of vegetables or 4 portions of nuts. Just slide them into the bag and you’ll know you have the right amount to eat!”

The idea of creating snack bags came to Hubert while reflecting on the success of Ricardo Larrivée. “I was interested in entrepreneurship and I saw Ricardo launch his line of products. A friend and I had the idea for bags. Since the beginning of the project, I wanted the products to be entirely from Quebec.” Mission accomplished: the textile design was produced by Marie-France Auger (a Quebec designer), the bags are made in Beauce (where Hubert is originally from), and the fabric made from recycled bottles is produced in Montreal. “Even the zipper is made in Montreal,” says the entrepreneur. “I like to work with local people.”

He tested his products himself for a long time. “I’ve used them for over two years, and they are still in perfect shape. The fabric holds up well in the wash and doesn’t fall apart.” And while we’re talking about washing, a simple rinse with water is enough for snacks like nuts and cookies.

The quality of the construction and local manufacturing comes at a cost of course, but Hubert has done the math: “When you buy reusable bags, the price is high. The price for one eco-friendly bag is the same as for a box of 100 disposable plastic bags. But, over time, you save, you make the most of your purchase, you encourage local artisans, and you do your small part for the planet. It’s worth it!” 

Because no gesture is too small, in addition to our snack bags, we’re adding a set of glass straws by Brook Drabot to our lunch box. This way, we’re limiting our consumption of  plastic with two simple actions that are easy to do.

A Passion for Eating

Hubert Cormier became a nutritionist because he loves to eat! “Nutrition combines my passions for food and the health field. It's one of the rare health professions where we can easily communicate scientific information and be creative. Deep down, I'm a big foodie!”
An important message comes from all of Hubert's pieces: Don't feel guilty. “I want to highlight the pleasure of eating well. It's important for me that you feel good in your body and when you eat.”