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9 Mar 2020

The Rich History of Woodworking in Canada


Inheriting a long tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages, Canadian cabinetmakers have mastered century-old techniques in ways that are completely modern. Here's a look at the craft of cabinetmaking!

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10 Feb 2020

Fabrique 1840 x Université Laval: Making Way for the Designers of Tomorrow


Being a springboard for Canadian artisans, Fabrique 1840 has begun connecting with design schools in order to display the striking pieces of future designers.

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20 Jan 2020

A Short History of Canadian Ceramics


The art of ceramics is thousands of years old. In fact, the term “ceramic” originates from the Ancient Greek word keramos, meaning “pottery.” Producing these pieces is a slow and meticulous process. Today, we mould, throw, and fire ceramics that are as pretty as they are practical and use them for more than just special occasions.

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13 Jan 2020

Capturing Nature in a Jar, with Bals Provisions


Crystal from Bals Provision likes to create memories. By capturing the freshness of nature in small jars of jam and marinades, she offers everyone a taste of happiness that is homemade with lots of love.

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16 Dec 2019

A Short History of Textiles in Canada


We've come full circle—while textile manufacturing has gone from being artisanal to industrial in just one hundred years, weaving, knitting, and spinning by hand are once again increasing in popularity.

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Chronicles 29.10.2019

Complete Contrasts: Anne-Marie Chagnon's Pick of Favorite Pieces

“I like to create out of contrasting materials. I let myself be inspired by the architectural side of pieces, mixing jewellery making and craftsmanship techniques.”

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Chronicles 04.10.2019

Fabrique 1840 Turns One!

After only one year, 90 Canadian creators have now joined Simons' Fabrique 1840 platform. By December 2019, that number will be one hundred!

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Chronicles 17.09.2019

Better and More Eco-Friendly Snacks

Eating well is a pleasure: This is the philosophy of nutritionist Hubert Cormier. Combining his passion for food with his creativity as an entrepreneur, he has designed whimsical, colourful, and eco-friendly snack bags. He's saving the planet, one bite of carrot at a time!

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Chronicles 19.08.2019

The ABC's of Papermaking, by Baltic Club

You could say that in terms of books and notebooks, everything has already been done—but no! For Mélanie and Brice of Baltic Club, there are still lots of avenues to explore. “Five years after founding our studio, we're still learning things about our trade every day.”

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Chronicles 12.08.2019

Renewing Your Basics

Moving isn't only about moving boxes and sofas. It's also about discovering a new neighborhood, new people, and a new daily routine. Once you've moved, you'll maybe want to switch up your furniture and decor to furnish your new reality, but also to mark this change in your life. So, if you want your new home to reflect your current values, maybe it's time to renew your basics, for the better.

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Chronicles 15.07.2019

The Geometry of Colour

A designer's work requires rigour and precision. That's why we take our enjoyment—and the enjoyment of our customers—very seriously! We have a need for beauty and colour. In fact, we're willing to say that everyone has this need. So, when you're thinking about your new kitchen or the empty wall in your living room, think about yourself and who you are. After some reflection, you may find that a bit of geometry and colour will do you a lot of good on a daily basis!

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Chronicles 05.07.2019

Returning to the Roots of Food: Vegan Cooking with YYY

Working with a stove or a pottery kiln, YYY's Mérida Anderson is committed to giving everything the respect it deserves and is interested in what brings people together, even total strangers.

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Chronicles 04.07.2019

Skills Serving Simplicity

Whether you're slowly getting used to your new home or the return of long-awaited hot summer breezes inspires you to revisit your interior design, we all know that styles and trends come and go, but quality design lasts forever. To choose pieces of furniture that will be with you for a long time, a concept that blends of simplicity and expertise is sometimes the best way to achieve uncluttered decor that stands the test of time.

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Chronicles 17.06.2019

The Art of Revisiting Traditional Trades

Moving season is here and we took this opportunity to ask Anthony and Valérie from Atelier Filz to look into Fabrique 1840's designer community. The result? Four thematic articles analyzing their products by relating them to global ethical and aesthetic trends.

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Chronicles 04.06.2019

Slow Fashion: The Opposite of Consuming and Throwing Away

By adopting the principles of slow fashion and offering timeless collections, designers like Miljours and HOTELMOTEL aim to change the fashion industry in a sustainable and respectful way.

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Chronicles 27.05.2019

Taking It Easy: Slow Living

Rather than launch into a frenzied productivity race, creators like Lookslikewhite and La Compagnie Robinson value sustainability and taking their time.

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Chronicles 08.04.2019

Spring Style: Denis Gagnon's Favourite Things

In fashion, there are fewer and fewer rules. People like to wear what they want all the time. Pieces need to be simultaneously chic, comfortable, and versatile.

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Chronicles 08.03.2019

The Pogonat: The Big Reveal!

Designer Camille Côté and host Catherine Pogonat present the fruit of their collaborative efforts and reveal The Pogonat, an exclusive hat created especially for women. All profits will be given to Chaînon, a non-profit organization that helps women in need.

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Chronicles 19.02.2019

The Pogonat is pulled out of the hat!

Not so long ago, Fabrique 1840 announced a new electrifying collaboration between Catherine Pogonat and Camille Côté. Once more, the creative duo invites us to join them behind the scenes to discover the Pogonat, an exclusive, limited edition creation that will go on sale March 8, International Women's Day. All profits will be donated to Chaînon, a nonprofit organization that helps women in need.

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Chronicles 29.01.2019

When decluttering tugs at one's heartstrings

It's never too late to make a good resolution, and this one is as contagious as it is efficient: the KonMari method offers to help us organize our lives and minds.

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Chronicles 11.12.2018

Why Gift Canadian Design?

The holidays are a time to reflect on the year that's coming to a close. It's a time when we think about what's next and enjoy treating ourselves. For these reasons, I'd like to invite you to take some time to reflect on your consumption habits, because you have a remarkable tool for making a difference: how you choose to spend your money.

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Chronicles 21.11.2018

Tipping Our Hats to Camille Côté x Catherine Pogonat

Camille Côté and Catherine Pogonat are making hats for strong-willed women in their collaboration that's turning heads. Fabrique 1840 invites you to have a sneak peek behind the scenes of modern hat-making. A limited edition of Le Pogonat hat will be available as of March 8, marking International Women's Day. All profits will go towards Le Chaînon, a nonprofit organization that helps women in need.

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Chronicles 16.11.2018

Daniel Vézina's top design picks

For this celebrated chef who often collaborates with designers, a product that's made with care by an artisan not only has the potential to tell a story, but provide an utterly unique experience. Here are three pieces he's particularly fond of.

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Chronicles 05.11.2018

An iron hand in a porcelain glove

Meeting ceramicist Marie-Hélène Robillard

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Chronicles 30.10.2018

Promoting Canadian Expertise

A conversation between Peter Simons and Samuel Lambert, the founder of Lambert & Fils

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Chronicles 23.10.2018

The rug's artistic evolution

From a simple functional object to a genuine work of art, the rug has carved out an important place for itself within our homes.

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Chronicles 16.10.2018

Hat Heads: A little chat with those who love a good hat

Tall or small, round or square, traditional or eccentric, hats never go unnoticed. But they always reflect the work of the hands that made them…

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Chronicles 03.10.2018

Joining forces for Canadian design

A conversation between Peter Simons and Samuel Lambert, founder of Lambert & Fils

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