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Delivered directly from South Korea's capital: Influential and emerging styles in which fabrics, shapes, and graphics are free from all conventions.

Fashion pieces from Seoul at Simons

A new line of basics

Perfect fits, refreshing hues,
and organic materials:
styles that tick every box and
are flawless to the tiniest detail.

DJAB 101 men's basics at Simons

Professional Comfort

Versatile elegance is at your service thanks to our fine-weave stretch women's suit that's super easy to wear separately.

Navy fine weave ankle pant for women by Contemporaine at Simons

Directly from Seoul

Straight from the South Korean capital: an emerging and influential wardrobe where fabrics, volumes, and graphic designs are free of all conventions.

Neutral Gear

Embrace a harmonious mesh of textures and patterns that reflect your current goals of getting back in shape in your spare time at home.

Beige sports support with ribbed stripes

Rural Retreat

Let your body and mind relax in an environment overflowing with countryside charm. Escape with natural dyes, rustic materials, and artisanal accents that will help you hit pause in your living space.

Basketweave Vinyl Placemat Exclusively at Simons Maison

Eco-Friendly Coordinates

Worn with a tee, they ensure effortless elegance and adapt to meet your every need.

Got an important video call coming up?
Just slip on the jacket and you're all set.

Recycled polyester and wool eco jacket by Le 31 at Simons

Voguish Silhouettes

This season, your favourite pieces are looking prettier than ever and putting a whole new spin on proportions! Embrace styles that are loose and just the right amount of revealing.

Satiny Set

Because you don't have to choose between complete comfort and utter elegance.

Our #1 Pick

There's no doubt: its short, slim fit and colourful organic cotton jersey will win you over.

Organic cotton colour block trunk at Le 31 for men at Simons


A unique showcase for an underground legacy: the transformative graphics of this New York artist, activist, and disciple of "Bad" Painting are now featured on the 1461.

Dr. Martens x Keith Haring 1461 derby shoes for men at Simons

Blazer Low LE Sneakers

Their nostalgic lines and immaculate white hue can be worn a million different ways.

A Trade that Tells a Story

Discover the captivating backgrounds and philosophies of four inspiring leatherworkers from here.

Their unique creations become constants in our lives, stick with us through the decades, and adopt the marks of a life well lived.

Winter Moisturizers

Treat yourself to a nourishing, restorative, and toning skin-care treatment thanks to quality moisturizers made with hydrating natural ingredients.

Witness the true (and flashy) spirit of this Italian label standing out on the pieces from this new collection. Jeremy Scott masterfully mixes boldness, playfulness, attitude, and vibrant colours in a way that stays true to the DNA of Moschino fashion.

Spring-summer 2021 Moschino collection for women and men

Going in depth on
what's in-demand!

Our team explores the world of fashion and gives you its take on the latest, most popular trends.


Spring is in the air, can you feel it? Its arrival is stirring up some new (and old) trends for all you wild and free spirits: rekindled colours, cropped fits, and thought-provoking prints!

Put the "me" in metamorphosis: butterflies are the next big thing

Twik exclusive

Organic cotton printed cropped tee


Take it higher: crop tops are key

A faded take on denim: the new colour is less colour

Twik exclusive

Organic cotton crossover cropped tee

Twik exclusive

Faded and pleated vintage mom jean


Flashy eco-friendly fabrics: be bold with bright bouquets

Twik exclusive

Floral park recycled polar fleece sweatshirt


Be true to you: creative graphics are going the distance

Djab exclusive

Creative graphic T-shirt


Take it back to the '90s: A turquoise weft is where it's at

Djab exclusive

Basic crew-neck sweatshirt


To dye for: styles that were sun-bleached by design

Djab exclusive

Woozy smiley faded T-shirt


And here's a longer list of inspiring ideas (for your style and living space)!

White Sneakers,
They Speak to the Soul

Botanical Accessories

A Sun-Soaked Duvet Cover

Wow-Worthy Wallpapers

Little Acts of Wellness

Is listening to classical music in the morning something that lifts your spirits? Is taking pictures of your urban adventures one of your favourite pastimes? Make positive vibes a main part of your everyday!


A quality line of technical underwear boasting the Swoosh that was specifically designed to help you raise the bar.

Nike underwear collection for men at Simons

The Quilted Nylon Overshirt

A sleek shirt-inspired style featuring vertical quilting and a crisp nylon that lends itself to being layered over your favourite pieces or worn as a jacket in between seasons.

Home Office

Much more than your work corner, it's a creative
and inspirational space that combines comfort, ergonomics, style, and personality.

Shift 2.0 White Base Sit-Stand Desk By Ergonofis Online Only at Simons Maison

Our Exclusive Zones