Sweater Sweethearts

Snap these crushes up in a flash: Fuzzy knits, winter jacquards, vibrant colours, cozy crew necks, and so much more...

Twik wintery jacquard sweater at Simons


100 Dresses,
100% Chic

Satiny, velvety, glittery... Be the evening's main attraction with voguish looks that catch the eye this holiday season.

The pleated dress with Lavallière collar by Simons


Party Circuit

Gorgeous velvet and bright, sparkly sequins have their minds set on keeping you captivating and chic.

Icône pleated texture velvet kimono for women

Cowgirl Glam

Rein in your wardrobe with glittery fabrics, fluttery fringe, billowy details...

Satiny smocked blouse at Simons

Coat Promo

The cold has arrived, and so has our coat promo! Quilted? Check. Parkas? Check. Shell jackets? Check!

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Musts of the Moment

Dress your best with these gorgeous numbers that are perfect for work, weekends, and evenings out.

Merino wool turtleneck for women by Contemporaine at Simons

Canadian Know-How

Kanuk, Canada Goose, and Soia & Kyo know a thing or two about Northern winters, and it shows.

Soft & Snug Sleepwear

This holiday, treat yourself to moments of pure relaxation with our coziest PJs.

Colourful tartan pyjama set for women by Miiyu at Simons

Precious Materials

Make room for sparkling sequins, glamorous crystals, and metallic finishes.

Geo sequin miniskirt

Need-Now Numbers

Set your heart on velvet and dark colours for looks that are wholeheartedly chic.

Fine rib velvet buttoned dress

A Quebec company that handcrafts innovative, elegant boots in Montreal using only the best in high-quality materials.

Winter boots for women by La Canadienne at Simons

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