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The North Face, Arc'teryx, Nike, Columbia,
New Balance, Herschel, Steve Madden,
and many more!

Nike, The North Face, Columbia, New Balance in promo

Cozy Zone

While at home, why not wear clothes that are as simple, casual, and comfy as they come?

Tops Reinvented

Puff sleeves, textured materials,
and asymmetric styles
are the current craze.

Thin-ribbed crossover sweater for women by Icône

The Pant

Looking to freshen up
your favourite basics
or experiment with different fits?
Our shop is here to help you
do just that!

Black ankle slim pant for women at Simons

Pure Relaxation

Get comfy with our cozy collection of loungewear that's more elegant and feminine than ever.

Sailor-stripe modal tee for women by Miiyu at Simons


My Quiet Break

Find beauty and fortitude in a series of well-balanced poses or a long, quiet moment spent meditating.

Winning Trio

Blue, red, and white form the perfect
high-performance team on the fashion scene.


Athletic logo tee

Save 40%

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Prints that show your personality. Now's the time
to express yourself.

Egle Zvirblyte T-Shirt at Simons

Our Exclusive Zones

New Essentials

We've updated them for you! The sleek, minimalist silhouettes of our loungewear pieces are now made of natural, breathable materials.

Loungewear for women at Simons

Let's Get Practical

Designed to ensure optimal comfort without compromising your look, these technical clothes have all the right criteria to keep you looking stylish.

Nylon utility cargo dress by Icône

Dreamy Dresses & Jumpsuits

Unprecedented style,
undeniable comfort:
they're your stylish sidekicks,
no matter the day of the week.

Trendy dresses and jumpsuits for women by Icône

Exclusive Collection


The natural fibre beloved for its lightweight feel is back in a range of new colours and patterns.

Floral linen shirt for women by Contemporaine at Simons

Spring Sweaters

Required: Rich Colours

Master the art of looking good with a wealth of deep, opulent shades.

Featured: rugged pearls for a natural look.

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