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Exquisite Bags

Created by our trend-forward team and crafted with Italian expertise, our collection of quality leather bags will take your wardrobe to new heights of sophistication this season.

Caramel-colour tote in Italian leather
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Get Dolled Up with Stainless Steel

Hypoallergenic, durable, dazzling!
There's more than one reason to wear stainless steel jewellery.


Protect Your Eyes with Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Frames with protective lenses that filter out blue light to help you stay focused and comfortable when using any screen.


Warm Up with Wool and Cashmere

The first hints of a chill in the air mean it's time for soft, comfortable, and altogether elegant natural fibre weaves.

very light pink rectangle
The golden necklace for women at Simons
Reading glasses for women at Simons
Powder blue scarf for women at Simons

Our Best Sellers

Large grooved earrings Large grooved earrings
Simons exclusive

Large grooved earrings


Geo flecked oversized clip Geo flecked oversized clip

Geo flecked oversized clip


Hobo shoulder bag Hobo shoulder bag

Hobo shoulder bag


Sena rectangular reading glasses Sena rectangular reading glasses

Sena rectangular reading glasses


Faux-leather black legging Faux-leather black legging

Faux-leather black legging


Responsible merino wool scarf Responsible merino wool scarf
Simons exclusive

Responsible merino wool scarf


in Felt

A fedora shows off your fashion chops
and adds a striking touch of character
to your fall looks.

The black felt fedora hat at Simons
Soft-trim felted wool fedora Soft-trim felted wool fedora
Simons exclusive

Soft-trim felted wool fedora


Leather string felted wool wide-brimmed hat Leather string felted wool wide-brimmed hat
Simons exclusive

Leather string felted wool wide-brimmed hat


Felted wool boater hat Felted wool boater hat
Simons exclusive

Felted wool boater hat


Zulu wool fedora Zulu wool fedora

Zulu wool fedora


That Dazzle

Gold and silver metals team
together, giving you a gorgeous
(and sought-after) glow.

Authentic necklace by Pilgrim label at Simons


Ethically made in Montreal, these incredibly tough socks and tights are resistant to rips and tears, beating other nylons hands down.

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Just-For-You Jewellery

Canadian designers and creators are dedicated to crafting small wonders of design and innovation to make your everyday more authentic and beautiful.

Oxidized silver Acera earrings
Isabelle Kapsaskis

Oxidized silver Acera earrings


Online only
Papineau shoulder handbag Papineau shoulder handbag

Papineau shoulder handbag


Online only
Breeze eucalyptus scarf Available in two sizes Breeze eucalyptus scarf Available in two sizes
Tania Love

Breeze eucalyptus scarf
Available in two sizes


Online only
Una pure linen unisex kimono Una pure linen unisex kimono
Le fil rouge Textiles

Una pure linen unisex kimono


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