Bright Matching Colours

Treat yourself and your wardrobe to a healthy glow with our brightly coloured wool accessories.

Women's Winter Scarves & Matching Accessories at Simons

Lovely Jewellery

The synonym of elegance is this London collection that combines delicate design and golden allure.

Women's Jewellery at Simons

Preppy Headband

Add this halo-esque velvet hair accessory to your ensemble for a top-trending look.

Chunky Chains

All eyes on large chain links! Their sleek aesthetic is the best way for you to look bold and chic at the same time.


Royal Renaissance

With their crystals and pearls, they'll give your looks a noble and brilliant side.

Women's Brooches, Jewellery and Accessories at Simons

Bag to Differ

Stand out from the crowd this fall with our practical and minimalist tote bags in a range of the season's warmest tones.

Women's Bags & Tote Bags at Simons

Lovely Leather

Fend off the cold with our quilted mittens that put style and warmth at your fingertips.

Women's Quilted Leather Mittens at Simons

Our Top Categories

Belt Buckles

A pretty piece for you to buckle over your blazers and coats.

Women's Belts and Accessories at Simons

Animal Kingdom

Bring your legs to life with wildly trendy animal prints.

The animal pattern tights for women at Simons

Planet-Friendly Tights

Combine your passion for fashion with your love for the environment thanks to our exclusive tights made of organic cotton and recycled fibres.

Women's Eco Tights at Simons