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The cutout dress is everything
it's cut out to be.
It lets you reveal a bit of yourself...
...while coming in a range of satiny fabrics and fab patterns.

Twik cutout dress
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Gradients are Grade-A!

Colourful stripes are fading and fusing into each other on this bouclé knit.

Striped sweater at Twik
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These items are almost too beautiful to give away! The Simons name on our unique products is our guarantee of quality, our promise of value and style. Just the thing to put under the tree!

red rectangle with snowflakes
Horizontal stripe chenille sweater Horizontal stripe chenille sweater
Twik exclusive

Horizontal stripe chenille sweater

$45.00 $34.95

Vision Mock-neck cropped sweatshirt
Twik exclusive

Mock-neck cropped sweatshirt


Vision Eco-friendly cinched-waist felt coat Eco-friendly cinched-waist felt coat
Twik exclusive

Eco-friendly cinched-waist felt coat

$150.00 $119.95

Washed cotton shirt Washed cotton shirt
Twik exclusive

Washed cotton shirt


Heritage jacquard turtleneck dress Heritage jacquard turtleneck dress
Twik exclusive

Heritage jacquard turtleneck dress


Vision Polar quilted double-breasted sweatshirt Polar quilted double-breasted sweatshirt

Polar quilted double-breasted sweatshirt


Vision Cropped organic cotton corduroy tee Cropped organic cotton corduroy tee
Twik exclusive

Cropped organic cotton corduroy tee


Vision Organic cotton corduroy joggers Organic cotton corduroy joggers
Twik exclusive

Organic cotton corduroy joggers


Faded oversized sweatshirt Faded oversized sweatshirt
Twik exclusive

Faded oversized sweatshirt

$35.00 $29.95

Loose faded sweatshirt dress Loose faded sweatshirt dress
Twik exclusive

Loose faded sweatshirt dress

$40.00 $29.95

Vision Whimsical artwork organic cotton sweatshirt dress Whimsical artwork organic cotton sweatshirt dress
Twik exclusive

Whimsical artwork organic cotton sweatshirt dress

$50.00 $29.95

Vision Organic cotton half-zip sweatshirt Organic cotton half-zip sweatshirt
Twik exclusive

Organic cotton half-zip sweatshirt

$40.00 $24.95

Remarkable Brands at Twik

Motel at Twik

Part punky, part retro, sometimes casual, and always quirky! The pieces by this Californian brand say "it's okay to be different."

Cutout dress at Twik

Twik: Best Sellers

Sparkling garland sweater Sparkling garland sweater
Twik exclusive

Sparkling garland sweater


Shoulder pad faux-leather dress Shoulder pad faux-leather dress
Twik exclusive

Shoulder pad faux-leather dress

$60.00 $24.95

Flared velvety pant Flared velvety pant
Twik exclusive

Flared velvety pant


Silver star bodysuit Silver star bodysuit

Silver star bodysuit


Ophelia metallic puffer jacket Ophelia metallic puffer jacket
Point Zero

Ophelia metallic puffer jacket


Vision Recycled polyester polar fleece overshirt Recycled polyester polar fleece overshirt
Twik exclusive

Recycled polyester polar fleece overshirt


Floral voile miniskirt Floral voile miniskirt

Floral voile miniskirt


Half-buttoned waffle tee Half-buttoned waffle tee
Twik exclusive

Half-buttoned waffle tee


Twik: Gifts to Give Her (or Yourself)


Two-piece corduroy sets are setting the tone this season.

Coordinate at Twik

Totally Twik

These essentials have got gumption! From their colours to their fits and details, everything about them makes them utterly must-have. So much so that not having all of them would be inconceivable!

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