New Vintage Accessories

They're making a triumphant debut in our menswear wardrobe!

Authentic and emblematic, these designer bags have defined the last decades and are just waiting for you to keep their fashionable streak going.

Second hand designer bags for men at Simons

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Dyneema Primaloft Metropolis Jacket

Created in 1998, the Metropolis is an iconic style made by the Italian brand C.P. Company. It's making a remarkable return this season with a performance design that's lightweight and incredibly resistant.

Made of Dyneema canvas, a material whose strength-to-weight ratio is about 8 times higher than industrial steel, the coat consists of a removable vest lining and numerous technical details you're guaranteed to love.

Dyneema Primaloft Metropolis jacket by  C.P. Company

New Arrivals

Featured pieces from fall/winter collections are making their debut each week. Their distinctive, sought-after flair will keep your looks on the cutting edge of today's trends.

First-Class Knits

While some are playing the timeless card with their neutral tones and minimalist designs, others are doing all in their power to stand out with colourful accents. Made of sophisticated and luxurious materials, they'll be your trustiest go-tos for fashion and comfort.