Men's Tailored Fit Dress Shirts

  • Le 31

    Optical dot shirt
    Athletic fit



Men's Slim Fit Dress Shirts

At Simons, we offer a trendy, handpicked selection of tailored-fit shirts from renowned international brands as well as our very own private label, Le 31. What can you expect from our designs? High-quality materials, abundant colour and pattern options, fine detailing, and thoughtful added features, such as hidden buttoned point collars. 

With our Fit Finder tool, you can be confident that your shirt will fit your frame as intended. Through a series of simple steps, you will enter your height and weight, belly shape, chest shape, age, and your fit preference—tighter or looser. You can even compare sizes with brands you normally wear. At the end, we'll give you your sizing options and a compatibility rating for each. Simple.