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Our Rugs, Demystified

Their sizes & what they're good for

Decorating the fifth wall of our homes can be a challenging task, but with our helpful and in-depth advice, you'll know exactly which rugs are best suited for each of your needs.

Small Rug

Between 60 x 90 cm and 90 x 130 cm

In the entryway or by the sink, this practical and versatile size adds a layer of comfort beneath your feet while also enhancing your environment.

Small rug
rug picto
rug picto

Hallway Runner

Starting from 75 x 215 cm

Its elongated silhouette helps protect your high-traffic areas and adds a distinctive touch when placed along the length of your bed or in front of the kitchen counter.

Hallway runner
rug picto
rug picto

Area Rug

Between 120 x 180 cm and 220 x 300 cm

The perfect decoration for your bedroom or living room, its rectangular shape will add a well-deserved dose of texture and volume to your decor.

Large rug
rug picto
rug picto

Round Rug

Starting from 90 cm

An easy way to spruce up your interior thanks to its circular shape that's easy on the eyes. Place it beside the bed, in front of the couch, or beneath the coffee table.

Round rug
rug picto
rug picto

Large Area Rug

Starting from 240 x 320 cm

Thanks to its oversized format, it's a great way to enrich the makeup of your bedroom and demarcate the spaces in your home, like the dining room.

Large area rug
rug picto
rug picto