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A colourful cushion, a scented candle, a velvety throw, a fun little mug...

Work wonders in the daily lives of those you care about (and stay close to them in spirit) by picking them out a delightful and practical piece of decor.

Decor gift ideas at Simons Maison

All our gift ideas, meticulously reunited in one spot to make your holidays a breeze and bring joy to your loved ones!

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Under the tree: original, eco-friendly gifts that put your loved ones (and the planet) first!

Konjac Sponge by BKIND at Simons Maison

Gift Giving

No more wasting paper, ribbons, and single-use bows. Instead, draw inspiration from the furoshiki, a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth, and create colourful, eco-friendly gift wraps!

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