Fresh Wave

Can you hear the call of the sea? The gentle waves lapping against the boats, the warm sand shifting under your feet, the salty breeze murmuring in your decor, surrounded by nautical blues and sunlit oranges...

Murmur of the Waves Duvet Cover Set Exclusively at Simons Maison

Perfect Patio

The sun is warming up the air, inviting you to step outside and enjoy its glow. Answer its call and set up your relaxing outdoor space!

Beach Vibes Bamboo Dinnerware Designed in our Studios Exclusively For Simons Maison


Our Latest Brand-Name Duvet Covers

On these masterpieces, sought-after colours and patterns combine to create an inspiring,
relaxing atmosphere.
Essenza, Kas Australia, Linen House, Vandyck...

Flavourful Moments

Add a pinch of joy to your days spent at home by preparing delicious recipes and filling your kitchen with rich aromas.

Joy Of Cooking Tablecloth Designed in our Studios Exclusively for Simons Maison

Our Summer Favourites

Their sought-after designs and vibrant hues invigorate our decor like a soft, refreshing breeze.

Linen Duvet Cover

We can't decide what we love best: its rich weave, or its divinely soft sateen underside.

Fishing Net Throw

Its chunky, nautical-inspired knit invites us to set the sails... and to unwind!

Juicy Peach Cushion

Ripe, delectable fruits create a flavourful atmosphere.

Rainbow-Coloured Tablecloth

A cocktail of bright colours on a 100% cotton weave to celebrate the warm weather.

Soft Medallion Planter

A beautiful message designed in our studios encourages us to spread love and kindness.


Monochrome linen duvet cover set

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Simons Maison exclusive

Fishing net throw

Simons Maison

Juicy peach cushion

Simons Maison exclusive

Rainbow-coloured woven cotton tablecloth

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Monochrome Linen Duvet Cover Set by Vandyck at Simons Maison
Fishing Net Throw Exclusively at Simons Maison
Juicy Peach Cushion at Simons Maison
Pink Soft Medallion Planter Designed in our Studios Exclusively at Simons Maison
Rainbow-Coloured Woven Cotton Tablecloth Exclusively at Simons Maison
simons maison exclusive

Soft medallion planter


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