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Using original themes that will change over the course
of the year, our devoted team is thrilled to introduce you to unique and inspiring creations that are perfectly
timed for the season.
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Children can find the fun in almost anything. These little explorers love to laugh, run, and climb. Their favourite place to play? The game room!

Fill this special space with whimsical, educational toys that help develop their motor skills and autonomy, giving kids the chance to grow and have a great time.

Children's recipe book set from Minimini Menu at Fabrique 1840
Pikler triangle set from M.A. Fabrique at Fabrique 1840
Box of doughnuts and sweets chalk from Craie-Ation at Fabrique 1840

Our Categories in Brief

I Want to Ride My Bicycle

Nothing's better than biking on a beautiful day. Reliable, responsible, fun, and (relatively) fast, bicycles—and your legs!—get you from point A to point B in the city in a snap.

Make the most of the time before, during, and after your rides with refined, well-designed, and functional accessories that showcase the skill and passion of Canadian craftspeople.

3-in-1 wall-mounted bike rack from Studio Maisonnette at Fabrique 1840
Leather carrying handle from Oopsmark at Fabrique 1840
De Lorimier backpack from Veinage at Fabrique 1840