Immerse yourself in a world dominated by the Nordic trend. Hunted-after knits, rich heritage textures, and warm natural tones are all paying tribute to the boreal powers that be.

Cozy and Chic

Comfortable fabrics, modern styles, and timeless tones weave the perfect fall wardrobe.

Long horizontal-rib cardigan  for women by Contemporaine at Simons

Partner in Cold

Your 2020 vision? Forming the tightest bond imaginable with an oversized puffer of your own!

Your #1 Place For Gift Ideas

With our endless selection of gift ideas, you'll never be at a loss of what to get!

For decor lovers, fashion enthusiasts, eco-savvy-ists, fans of streetwear, and those whose style errs on the side of formal, there's something here for everyone! There's no wrong time to surprise someone with something special. Get inspired!

Must-See Materials

Warm and rugged, sophisticated and chic, versatile and comfy... every material brings a bit of its personality into the home. Play with textures and finishes to create the atmosphere of your dreams!

Washed Linen and Cotton Duvet Cover Set Exclusively At Simons Maison


In response to our fast-paced, urban lifestyles, these two Quebec companies that love nature, culture, architecture, and design celebrate ancestral know-how and a passion for the great outdoors with their first exclusive collaborative collection.

Des enfantillages, Énamour, Noujica and Thomas Lefebvre inaAn Exclusive Collaboration with BESIDE and Fabrique 1840

New Arrivals for Fall

Luxurious wools, rich colours, and elegant checks. Discover the fall-ready elements that you need to pick up today.

Fall 2020 designer collections for women and men at Simons

The Icons Explorers Wear

Experience The North Face's totally modern colours and fits through cutting-edge technologies that play a pivotal part in helping adventurers brave the harshest climates.

Seasonal Comfort

Our eco-friendly loungewear is as relaxing as a walk in the woods.

Eco-friendly fibers alpine lounge joggers by Le 31 for men at Simons

Sexy Pairings

Featuring the same pastel floral prints, our exclusive bras and panties are birds of a feather and an easy way to create irresistible combos.

Colourful Vela wireless bra for women by Miiyu at Simons

New Arrivals

Exclusively in Canada at Simons

It's finally here! This highly anticipated, ephemeral collection tastefully fuses modern and athletic influences.

In a perfect balance between bold and timeless aesthetics, it pays tribute to the Swedish brand's iconic designs.

Atelier by Vagabond collection for women at Simons

The Authentic Padror

Subtle, on point, and synonymous with flawless quality, this French, mocassin-like style is your #1 option when it comes to workwear.

Unchanged since the '80s, this tried-and-true worker's shoe has endured through time and the changing urban landscape.

Derby shoes for women by Kleman at Simons

Fuss-Free Shirts

A light, comfortable, easy-care, and non-iron weave that makes the everyday easier.


Textured natural materials, neutral colours, and looser fits bring an added level of elegant comfort to today's top looks.

Ribbed-block zip-collar knit dress by Icône

Boxy T-Shirt

Loose fit, tight-neck collar, recycled
cotton, muted colours.

These are the traits of a T-shirt built
to accomodate your new normal.

Djab recycled cotton boxy men T-shirt at Simons

Exclusively in Canada at Simons

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Kanuk
has launched its Heritage collection of
limited-edition coats inspired by the
brand's most iconic styles.

Rediscover the artisanal know-how of this
Montreal label in a unique balance of cult
designs from back in the day and the top
textile technologies of today.

Heritage coats for men and women by Kanuk at Simons | Typha parka for her and Toundra parka for him

These coats and their cozy fleece-lined
collars put warmth, functionality, and vintage
style at your disposal. Thanks to their high-performance synthetic insulation and their waterproof, wind-resistant shell, they're built
to withstand temperatures as low as -30°C.


Toundra parka


Typha parka

Toundra parka for men by Kanuk at Simons
Typha parka for women by Kanuk at Simons

Kanuk: Proud Canadian
artisans since 1970

Reusable Face Masks

A protective essential for your everyday that's becoming a way to state your style.

A menswear guide full of practical
solutions adapted to your everyday.

Freshly Arrived, Already Fan Favourites


Out of Sight,
Not out of Mind

Surprise your loved ones from a distance.

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